Evolution D5 Maverick-2+2 Golf Cart


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The Evolution D5 Maverick 2+2 is all NEW and gives owners a unique set-up for seating and transporting passengers.

This newly designed, state-of-the-art 4-Seater Golf Cart from Evolution is loaded with same features as the D5 Maverick-4 but with a backwards facing set of seats. The D5 Maverick 2+2 makes for the perfect Street-Legal Golf Cart for running errands, visiting the lake, park or beach and for exploring the city. The lifted D5 Maverick 2+2 gives you a sturdy, elevated ride with superior handling. With silent off-road tires, the D5 Maverick 2+2 whispers across the landscape, ensuring your passage is as serene as it is thrilling.

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  • 124.8″ Γ— 55.8″ Γ— 84.1″ inch
  • Adjustable Steering Column
  • Cuboid Evolution Sound Bar
  • Two-tone Luxury Seats
  • 3-Point Seat Belts For Every Seats
  • Multi-functional Dashboard
  • Rear Storage Compartment
  • EM Brake
  • LED Lighting
  • Foldable Windshield With Slidable Sub-windows
  • Automobile Style Rear Bumper
  • 14” x 7” Aluminum Wheel 225/55r14” Radial Tire
  • Automotive E-coat Chassis
  • 9” Multi-functional Touchscreen (Speed display, Driving Gear indication, Lights, Odometer, Radio/Music/Bluetooth Connection, Back-up Camera image display, etc.
  • 48V 110Ah Lithium Battery
  • 6.3KW Motor With EM Brake
  • 400 A, AC Controller
  • 25A On-board Charger
  • Top Speed β‰₯40km/h (25mph)
  • Elegance Meets Adventure: With the Maverick 2+2, your adventures are lifted to new heights. The silent off-road tires not only ensure a smooth journey but also open the doors to exploring the unexplored, all without disturbing the tranquility of your surroundings. Whether you’re navigating the rugged trails or making a statement on the fairways, the Maverick 2+2 stands as a testament to those who dare to blend adventure with elegance.
  • A Symphony of Comfort in the Great Outdoors: Experience the joy of seamless journeys through rugged terrains, illuminated by ambient LED lighting, and enjoy unparalleled comfort with the adjustable steering and premium seating. The Maverick 2+2 is not just a vehicle; it’s your passport to exploring the unknown in style and comfort.
  • 9″ Functional Touch Screen: Elevate your off-road adventures with our 9” touchscreen. Seamlessly integrated with speed, gear indications, lighting controls, and an odometer. Dive into entertainment with radio and music options, connect via Bluetooth, and navigate with ease using the back-up camera display.
  • Standard Evolution Sound Bar: The most important advantage is the compact size and what is included in that compact size .There are sound bars with extra speakers ,It can be connected wirelessly through the screen . Adjustable light modes with speaker lights beating with music tune.
  • Rear Armrest with Built-in Storage: Maximize comfort and convenience with an integrated storage compartment, offering passengers enhanced comfort while providing a sleek solution for organizing personal items, ensuring an enjoyable ride.
  • Adjustable Steering Column: D5’s adjustable steering wheel is specifically designed to make the driving easier and allow the driver to have more control over the driving view and the distance between steering wheel and driver and the feel of steering wheel grips. It works by tilting up and down, depending on what makes it easier for the driver to drive.
  • Flip-Flop Rear Seating – Rear Handrail with footrest:Β Enhanced stability and comfort with a built-in footrest, providing extra support and relaxation.
  • Built-in Storage Box and Door:Β Located underneath the rear flip-flop seat, maximizing space efficiency.
  • LED Lighting: Our personal transportation vehicles come standard with LED lights: high beams, low beams, daytime running lights, turn signals and brake lights for a brighter ride. Our lights are more powerful with less battery drain, delivering a 2-3 times wider field of vision compared to our competitors, allowing you to enjoy the ride worry-free, even after the sun goes down.
  • Rear Storage Compartment: Travel lighter, enjoy more. Under the rear flip seat, a concealed nook safeguards your items, blending seamlessly with your leisure. It offers a neat solution, keeping your essentials accessible yet out of sight.
  • Safety Belts: Ride safely, worry less. The standard 3-point safety belt is engineered for your protection, keeping your passengers safely bulked up while riding. It combines comfort with safety, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.
  • Silent Tires with Off-Road Tread: Venture off the beaten path with confidence thanks to silent tires boasting robust off-road treads, designed specifically for the Maverick 2+2. These tires don’t just offer enhanced durability and stability, but they also exude style. Rely on their premium compounds for extended tread life and an elevated driving experience.

*Not all accessories are available on all Models.

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Arctic Gray, Black Sapphire, Flamenco Red, Lime Green, Mediterranean Blue, Mineral White, Portimao Blue, Sky Blue